Becoming Us Classes For Expectant And New Parents

Most of us when we are expecting think that if we have our homes ready, have taken childbirth education classes, have ticked off all of the to do lists that we are ready for the arrival of our tiny human! What most of us don't understand is that we are no longer part of a society that causes our status as parents to be elevated once we give birth....we in North America are not privy to the "village" that we all so desperately need to support us in our parenting journey. 

In over 25 years of working with families, I can honestly say that 1000's of couples have said to me "I wish we knew this before we gave birth" and all of them have questioned "Is this normal?" "Is it normal that I feel this way about my husband?" or "Is this normal for my baby to be doing this, not doing this or crying so much?" I have sat in thousands of homes and in my office and have helped these families understand that what they are going through is normal. Since I have become a Certified Becoming Us Facilitator, I am ecstatic to be able to offer classes and consultations to families to help alleviate the stress...before their baby comes and parent coaching when they are in the thick of it! 

Many families think that they will be "exempt" from being affected by having a baby. Nothing could be further from the truth. We become new versions of "US" when we become a family. 92% of parents report increased conflict and 67% decreased relationship satisfaction in the first few years of parenthood. The majority of my clients say that communication becomes the major issue in parenthood and I believe that is because most do not understand that parenthood is a time that is ripe for bonding and deepening of  our awareness of each other. Remember your sense of self does change as your become Mama and your partner's does too! Most couples state they miss the old versions of themselves and that they miss their partners as well. Our Becoming Us classes and coaching will help you stay connected as a couple as you navigate your parenting journey. We know that communication creates strong partnerships and this is what we want for everyone. Babies bring immense joy, love and excitement and considerable changes and our programs will help you understand how to best work as a team to manage the stresses of parenthood. Growing as parents and partners through the physical, financial, psychological, spiritual, emotional, cultural and social transitions can be achieved with much less stress when we are prepared. We are here to help. 


Our next two Becoming Us Classes are:

Thursday May 19th from 7-9pm (for expectant parents)

Thursday June 16th from 7-9pm (for expectant parents) 

We do one on one classes at your convenience for parents with babies who need help navigating the postpartum. 

The cost for the classes is $75 and includes a home visit in the postpartum for expectant parents! 

Our Coaching programs run around the clock, in the comfort of your own home or at our office, 1124 Gainsborough Rd. London Ontario


To register for these classes and programs, please email Carol at