In Support of Support

We are a group of (crazy) women in love with supporting women, their babies and their families. We know how hard it is day to day to fulfill the societal and family expectations of being a mama, wife, sister, daughter, friend, partner....and quite truly without each other we do not know how we would get through each day. The "sisterhood" we feel with each other can quite honestly run "deeper" with each other than it does with our own blood relatives because of our special kind of crazy. And because of the level of honesty we have with each other. We can truly be ourselves around each other without the judgement that comes with the stories that are often attached to us by our families.

One of our group beliefs is that we will meet you where you are... no story attached, no judgement, no harsh penalty for being you. In working with families we have learned our biggest lessons. Mamas, babies and families teach us so much! Yes we continue with educational studies every year, yes we stay up to date with evidence based practices, yes we spend time self -educating - but the best education is working in the birth and parenting community. Each human being has taught us that "normal" is only a setting on the dryer (and even then we question it) and that none of us can be categorized. We understand that our FOO (family of origin) impacts the way we walk in the world greatly and that the big picture of who we are because of where we come from gives valuable insight into how we operate. We are the sum of our experiences...and then some.


Support is necessary for human survival and for thriving. Support walks us through the days we cannot fathoming walking ourselves. Be it birth, breastfeeding, lack of sleep, temper tantrums, family dysfunction, moving, losing a job, feeling like you've lost your way in the world and death. Every aspect of everything we do warrants validation....that is our basic human need. We all need to know that we matter. We all need to know that we are worthy and that what we are going through has impacted us and perhaps changed us.

Support comes in many forms. A nod of the head, a smile, a touch, a gentle voice in your ear. A hug, a text, a phone call and "I will be checking in on you" can be the hope that we all hang on to.  Sometimes we need someone to believe in us when we cannot believe in ourselves. Support is the foundation of change and growth. We find out more about ourselves when our vulnerability is supported and not shamed. Being vulnerable is perhaps our biggest challenge ...and to walk in vulnerability, to have compassion bestowed upon us and have empathy bash shame allows us to heal. We can find out who we truly want to be, how comfortable we are in our own skin and how to  begin loving ourselves if we are supported in all facets of our emotions. The dark will give way to light, but only if we embrace the dark. I have come to believe that the pain that is "the dark night of the soul" can be a cradle for the light if we have support. Holding emotional space for each other without judgement and WITH compassion and empathy unlocks the key to growth, healing and validation. Drop the story, listen with the intent of hearing and not formulating an answer. Be kinder than necessary and your heart will thank you for it. xoox