MamaNurture- Our Postpartum Support Service

We wish that in North America brand new parents were embraced and taken care of the way they are in other cultures. 

In other cultures, women are cared for, tended to and cherished for 40 days postpartum. The village is there for them and walks with them through the first weeks of motherhood. We believe every family needs and deserves this!

We have worked as birth and postpartum doulas for a quarter of a century. We see the value and the enrichment in caring for families as they navigate the territory of parenthood, which is very often very different than the "map" they thought would lead them into this new world! 

We are offering 3 or 4 hour care packages. These packages include:

Newborn care education

Breastfeeding support

Sleep support

light housekeeping (not full on vacuuming, cleaning toilets, washing windows) like tidying up and helping with baby's laundry 

Holding babe while you eat, sleep, shower

Normalizing your experiences

Providing additional professional support and resources if needed

What we come with:

Newborn diapers, MamaNurture bath bombs, homemade soup and a lot of love. 

This service is offered at $22 an hour. 

Gift certificates can be purchased for new families.

All of our practitioners are Certified Perinatal Support Practitioners, have completed Mothering The Mother, Minding The Mind emotional health well being training and are Mothers themselves.

For more information, to purchase a gift certificate or to register yourself for this program, email Carol at 

We so look forward to working with you. xoxo