Palliative Care Support Practitioner Program

As a society, we are not comfortable speaking about or discussing death. For many, there is little to no preparation in the eventuality of death. Our Palliative Care Support Practitioner Program is designed to help families with an eventual death in the home and how to navigate all of the required steps that need to be taken. The program's focus is on the emotional support of the person transitioning to death and their family as well as guiding them through the important "what ifs and how to's" of end of life care.

Co-facilitated by a Registered Nurse in palliative care (who is also a doula) and a birth/death doula, this program will include input from specialists in end of life care. Students will learn from various community based guest speakers about the community standards, policies and procedures and the scope of practice of support practitioners in end of life care. Students will also learn how to set up a support based business through the course.

The program will take place over 7 in class days. Once the students have been selected for the program, the group will co-operatively pick the remaining six days for the class after the initial start of January 21st 2017. Because we understand that most people work full time, the program will run on either a Saturday or Sunday from January until May. If a student must miss a class they will be brought up to speed on the curriculum by one of the instructors. Because we know life is messy and busy!  The program will run out of Babies Naturally, 1124 Gainsborough Rd. London Ontario.

There will be required readings and at home study as well as an online component of the class which will involve video learning and assignments to give the class a total compounded learning of 80 hours.

The cost of the class will be $1000.00 with a non refundable deposit of $250 hours once acceptance into the program is extended. The remaining fee is due the first day of class.

The class is open to 14 students. For more information or for enquiries, please contact Carol at