Perinatal Support Practitioner Training

We are running our Perinatal Support Practitioner Training this fall. Our normal six month program will be offered in a compressed time frame program of four months. This program will encompass everything you need to know to offer labour support, teach childbirth education classes and offer postpartum and breastfeeding support. The course will include in class days(on weekends because most of our students work full time) and you will also participate in our breastfeeding clinics. There is an exam at the completion of the course and assignments throughout the program. 

You will be mentored by Carol Peat throughout your training and when you attend your student births. Throughout the course you will have access to mentoring and in our online class forum will be able to post questions and stay connected with your classmates. 

We are now accepting applications for this program. Please email Carol at if you are interested in the program, have more questions and would like to set up a phone interview to apply for the program. 


What our former students are saying about the program:


The Perinatal Support Practitioner Program with Carol Peat was developed with a birth worker’s individual strengths in mind. This course inspires not only professional growth but an improvement in all aspects of one’s life. This course was enlightening and provided a huge range of skil lsets through in-depth discussion, case studies, hands-on training and supplemental literature. The people you connect with in the program become your tribe who’s support are limitless extend beyond borders of race, gender, and religion. I’ve found myself in this program and guarantee you will too


When I contacted Carol about breastfeeding support training and a few other things she told me about her course and during one of the most pleasant and inspiring conversations I've ever head I made up my mind to give it a try. Once into the first day I knew it is where I was supposed to be. Carol started talking and instantly had this air about her that made you feel like you mattered and that you too could make a difference in someone's life and she was going to help you get there. I recently attended my first birth and could hear her words in my head as things unfolded (as well feel her calm energy that always  comes with her.) From what the uterus is doing to what the baby's doing, everything is explained with such deep knowledge and compassion that it becomes a part of you.  Not only do you learn how to assist the mother,  father and medical professionals, you learn how to speak and connect with the tiny human from the very second they arrive. Nothing can compare to the depth of Carol Peat and her training. 



Training with Carol as a perinatal support practitioner has enabled me to learn the physiological process of labour and birth, but more importantly to understand the emotionality embedded in birth. Holding space for birthing women is the pinnacle for support.


My training with Carol's Perinatal Support Practitioner Program completely changed how my business grew, how I walked through life and how I am with my own children. I had taken a 2.5 day doula program the year before Carol's. I was not "getting births" and was quite honestly hesitant because I did not feel confident in my knowledge base or in my own abilities. I had no mentorship in the other program but this program was so much more than the content and the mentorship! Any questions I had, Carol answered. I never felt like I was asking something out of turn and my vested interest in doing the best for my clients drove me to learn more. I loved the quizzes, the exam, the essay and especially loved working with Mamas and babes in the clinic setting. Listening to the experiences of these women and watching how the babes responded to their Mamas is something I will never forget. I loved that we as students could also attend all of Carol's parenting classes because it has driven up my business by 200%! I help parents navigate parenthood and am preparing them so much more for what life is like with a baby. The hospital in my town refers birth clients to me weekly and I am sending my friend to take the training so we can work together! She already has births lined up and she is not taking the program until later this year! Send an email, then have a phone interview with Carol- you will not regret it. I love that more than three years out she is still there to mentor me if I need it. Invest in your business and know that with this training doors will open for you. Thank you so much for this training and helping me find me. xoxo