Revel in Your Mamaing

Revel in the days that you can't wait for night, for bedtime.

Revel in the space between dark and dawn, for the syncopation of slumbering sighs.

Revel in the hatred of all things some days- for healthy anger benefits everyone.

Revel in the languished kisses, the broken coupling of anxious hearts and touched out nerves of each day.

Revel in the understimulation of the nubile mind and the unbending piles of laundry.

Revel in the latent screams of dinner rejected, again- for midnight shots of Irish cream liquer to lull your slumber.

Revel in the ample heaviness of hearts torn open as communication breaks down.

Revel in the inability to deal with one more tantrum - for you are drawn into the disjointed fray.

Revel in the unending streams of snot on frozen mittens at the bus stop and ice crystals on your now gone cold coffee.

Revel in the stretched, tight skin of your bulging belly as the life within you rolls directly onto your bladder.

Revel in the relief of the last push and the kinetic energy of the tiny human mewing on your chest- open your eyes Mama and let your tiny human bear witness to your Mamahood.

Revel in the sense of that beating heart within you for you are enough. You are enough for all that you will encounter, all that you will be drawn into, all that you will prove resilient enough to weather.

Revel in the darkness of  transient haunting thoughts we all become victims of. Revel in your ability to be lifted from the depths by your own damn strength.

Revel and live and love and laugh. Cry and dress rehearse tragedy and fret and feel.

Revel in the wholeness of your weary spirit and the love you are worthy of. Roll those R's Mamas - RRRRREVEL. For we are all worthy of all that we feel and experience- for those experiences are ours.