Mama Healing Deep Dive- Owning Our Story to Parent More Peacefully Program

Owning our whole story and understanding why we are the way we are is the key to staying calm, loving and living  authentically, and being present and content with ourselves and our children.

The pressures on Mamas today is more than any other generation before us. We are scrutinized more than any other generation and are bombarded by so many mixed messages! We need to be able to stop comparisonitis, we need to stop focusing on what others are doing and we must come back to ourselves and excavate our true nature in order to live in authenticity. 

This program invites you to dive deep with other Mamas in a safe online environment to support each other, learn from each other and understand that we are all so much more alike- all the while embracing our differences. We will reveal our true selves and revel in it. 

This 3 month online program is based in content I have never released before- because I am always learning, taking courses, being coached by my coaches and by constantly investigating human nature. There are components of Calm Mum principles in this program and we build so high on that foundation! 

There will be daily Facebook live videos, a coming together every day for all of us, exercises, and one on one coaching. Each exercise, each video, each one on one experience will be a deep, safe dive into revealing who you really are- starting with "you are enough" and ending with "I feel deeply that I am so much more than enough!" 

This program is open today for registration and we roll out the program on June 1st. It will take us  right through until September 1st- a summer of learning, loving yourself and growing as a woman, partner, Mama and human. It will also be a huge pressure valve in your day- time and investment in you. Extreme self care. 

It is being offered at a fraction of our other coaching programs as it is the first roll out of the program. 

Open to 20 women for $200. 

Email Carol at kilty67@sympatico.ca. When the class is full, one lucky registrant will receive a full reimbursement on their program fee as a thank you. I cannot wait to work with, grow with and support you. xoxo