Toddlers to Teens: Not Much Difference In How We Parent! The Toddler and Teen Classes for November!

We hear the terms "terrible twos, trying threes, challenging fours" to describe toddlers all the time. Fast forward to adolescence and you will hear "kids of today are so ______________" and they are "so rebellious, so ungrateful, don't know how good they have it" and are "entitled."  I call bullshit. Children, no matter their age, are a direct reflection of what we have taught them to be.  In parenting our Toddlers we are also parenting our teens. The empathy we show our toddlers cements our relationships with our teenagers. The trust we build with our toddlers fosters a connected relationship with our teens. Not rocket science, is it?  Parenting is hard. Navigating the road from toddlers to teens is more like a cross country run - lots of uphills, lots of careening corners, stuck in the mud river crossings, low lying shrubbery that leaves marks - and at the end of some days sheer exhaustion. Both of our classes will help you understand your children and meet them where they are.  Each class will offer you the tools you need to stay connected with your children, to foster repair to the relationship and help you stay calm, validated and more relaxed in your parenting journey.

The Toddler Class

Is your life hectic with your toddler?
Do you find it hard to communicate with your toddler?
Is discipline something you are having a hard time working out?
Is sleep an issue?

This popular, informative class will help you understand what your toddler is going through – emotionally, spiritually and developmentally and will give you the tools to deepen your connection with your toddler and communicate more effectively with them!

Class Fee – $75


Saturday November 15


Email Carol at to register.


Teens: Navigating Your Parenting Journey, Cementing and Repairing The Relationship and Keeping Your Cool In The Age of Technology


Teens are amazing, loving, confusing, brilliant and our biggest life lessons!  Our teen class runs on Thursday November 6th from 7-9:30 pm. Both parents are welcome to attend for the same fee. $75. Email Carol at to register.