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Keeping Abreast of Breastfeeding: Helping Clients Overcome Anatomical and Physiological Challenges For Birth Workers

Keeping Abreast of Breastfeeding: A Hands On Concrete Learning Workshop For Birth Workers


In this 4 hour workshop (babes in arms welcome) Kristi Waun, RMT and Perinatal Support Practitioner at Babies Naturally will guide you through what is happening with your breasts as you breastfeed. Kristi will cover challenges that may arise during your breastfeeding experience and will provide solutions. Topics included will cover:


1.) Neck and shoulder pain while breastfeeding, the causes of it, exercises and hands on massage (yes, Kristi will be providing you with massage!) and proper ergonomic positioning to teach proper alignment.

2.) Blocked ducts, mastitis and blebs - causes, resolutions and preventative measures and how body alignment, postural changes and pressure techniques on the breasts can prevent, resolve and provide relief.

3.) Overactive letdown, slow flow and breast pain - causes of each, body alignment of the baby and self-care for the Mama. 

Birth workers will have massage performed on them and will also perform it on their classmates. They will be able to use these techniques on clients. Each registrant will receive a receipt for massage therapy insurance purposes in order to claim the service.


This workshop takes place over two evenings: Wednesday June 17th, Wednesday June 24th 6:30-8:30 pm.


Cost is $75.00 To register contact Kristi Waun at to register. Limit of 10 spots in this course.


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