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Calm Mum

As mums, we all know what it is like to try and stay calm with our children. This innovative program teaches you how to do exactly that – no matter the age of your child. Explore ways to deepen your connection with your child as they grow AND as you grow as a mum. Maintain your own identity, feed your soul and enjoy motherhood every step of the way as a CALM MUM.

From pre-conception to adulthood, our children need us to guide them, accept them, love them and help them learn. If we cannot step aside with our own issues, we perpetuate cycles of behaviour that then become learned, and our children inherit our life dramas. Break the cycles and live a new life story- it is never too late.

Class Fee: $80

This class takes place at our centre at 1124 Gainsborough Rd. Park in the back and come in off the wooden deck. Email Carol at to register.