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As mums, we all know what it is like to try and stay calm with our children. This innovative program teaches you how to do exactly that – no matter the age of your child. Explore ways to deepen your connection with your child as they grow AND as you grow as a mum. Maintain your own identity, feed your soul and enjoy motherhood every step of the way as a CALM MUM.

From pre-conception to adulthood, our children need us to guide them, accept them, love them and help them learn. If we cannot step aside with our own issues, we perpetuate cycles of behaviour that then become learned, and our children inherit our life dramas. Break the cycles and live a new life story- it is never too late.

Class Fee: $75

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At Our centre, 1124 Gainsborough Road, unit 10

Email Carol at to register.


Calm Mum Testimonials

No parent is perfect.  The best we can do is recognize where we fall into traps that diminish us as moms and dads and try to avoid the trap the next time. You would think, after years of very expensive therapy, I would have all those traps identified and big detours set up all around them….but I don’t always.  Sometimes I still need a little help to figure out where I need to go to avoid that big hole, and Calm Mum was one of the best ways to give me tools to navigate around pitfalls.  Will you walk away from Calm Mum a better parent? No, not unless you are willing to ask yourself the hard questions and answer honestly.  You will walk away from Calm Mum better prepared to face all the obstacles that will come your way, enlightened about how those obstacles got there in the first place and ready to try something brand new in your quest to become the best parent you can be.  Every parent does the best they can do with the tools they have, we all know that. How many times, however, have you looked at a tool and wondered how the heck to use it?  Calm mum gives you a full parenting toolbox ,and shows you how to use them in the best way possible.  Thank you, Carol.  You gave me power tools, and a place to plug them in!


After participating in the Calm Mum workshop, I am – in all honesty a calmer mum, wife and daughter. The workshop invited me take a deeper look inside myself, examine my own insecurities and learn to heal myself from the inside out. The Calm Mum workshop taught me how I can positively impact my child’s emotional health – and there is nothing better than that.Thank you Carol and Babies Naturally, you have truly made a difference not only in my life, but the lives of everyone around me. Kristin xoxo


When I initially enrolled in Calm Mum, I came looking for strategies … “Do x,y,z when your child does __” That was not at all what I took away from Carol’s class. In fact, what mattered most, what was life changing for me, was not what I took away from Calm Mum, but what I left behind. Calm Mum asked of me only one thing, to find MY truth. I took away the power to own my soul, walk away from issues that did not belong to me, embrace moments for exactly what they are, sit in my emotions, ask myself what my children are seeking and how their lens is filtered. I left behind the need for answers, the need to understand, the need to control, to hold on, to justify, and to replay over and over the voices that had governed me as an individual and as a parent. Most of all, I learnt that children learn from what you live. So what does being a Calm Mum mean to me? Live love, breathe trust, and own your life. xo Cassandra

Our birth preparation classes help you to gain a deeper understanding of your anatomy, the physiology of birth and how to stay connected to your baby during the whole process.

Your partner’s role will be enhanced as they are taught cues, support techniques and a deep understanding of the stages of labour.

Different positions for labour and birth as well as relaxation techniques are taught.

Understand hospital policies and procedures, what to expect at a home birth, the pros and cons of medical intervention, what induction, c-sections, assisted deliveries and postpartum care look like.

This class also includes a full breastfeeding class as well as a postpartum visit (primarily focused on breastfeeding support).

This class is ideally taken between the 24th and the 30th week of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Education Only – You may choose to attend only the breastfeeding evening and skip the Saturday session – perfect for couples who want to learn more about breastfeeding in order to improve upon a previous experience. Also great as an adjunct to the Middlesex Health Unit prenatal classes. The fee for this is $95 (includes Tuesday night class and postpartum visit)

Fee: $195.00 for Saturday and Tuesday class, as well as postpartum visit(Payable Upon Registration)

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How to understand the journey your baby has been on so far and why your baby responds to the world the way it does. Heal birth trauma, help with breastfeeding challenges and deepen your connection with your baby.

This class is a three hour format with two follow up consults and support for parents.

Class Fee – $30

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  • Do you parent with a sense of calm and security?
  • Do you want more ease in your parenting?
  • Would you like to see your awareness of your children deepen?
  • Do you react as a parent instead of responding?
  • Do you need to form a united front with your partner to promote a less stressful environment for you and your children?

Parenting On The Same Page, an innovative workshop will help you get there. Understand yourself, your filters for parenting and how to best trust your parental instincts – all in sync with your partner. Help create a loving, safe, secure and more at ease home life for you and your family.

Class Fee: $100 / couple

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This new class is designed to help you and your partner decide if a home birth is the right thing for you.

You will have a safe place to ask questions, and we will encourage candid discussion to dispel some of the myths surrounding home births.

Class Fee – FREE

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Are you interested in learning how to start solids with your baby?

Come to this one night clinic to learn more about Baby-Led Weaning (BLW).

Fee: $30.00

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Is your life hectic with your toddler?
Do you find it hard to communicate with your toddler?
Is discipline something you are having a hard time working out?
Is sleep an issue?

This popular, informative class will help you understand what your toddler is going through – emotionally, spiritually and developmentally and will give you the tools to deepen your connection with your toddler and communicate more effectively with them! This class is designed to help you better understand toddlers. We explore boundary setting, discipline, communication and script out issues you are having with reasonable resolution- for everyone concerned. There is two weeks of follow up support included.

Class Fee – $75



Positive Sleep Solutions In Home Consult and Four Weeks Support

This program is based on the stimulation of the baby's brain and how to help your baby decompress, avoid over stimulation and create positive sleep for everyone in the family....with no crying it out. This program includes a 1.5-2 hour visit with a full assessment of the baby's day, stimulation, how they are sleeping, how they are not sleeping, how to manage routines and institute a manageable program to help with sleep. There is a customized sleep scenario for the family with four weeks support via phone and email every day after the visit. Cost is $300. Email Carol at to set up a time. 

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Parenting - Keeping Your Cool


You've had another day of yelling or screaming at the kids and now you want a do over. You have no idea how to stop the yelling and are beside yourself with guilt and damaging the relationship with your child. Learn how to understand why you yell, what triggers you and how to have peace and calm in your life and build stronger bonds with your children.


Email to register.

$50 (and your partner comes for free!)