Conscious Birth Classes

Location: Babies Naturally 1124 Gainsborough Road, Unit 10

Fee: $200.00 for Saturday and Tuesday class, including postpartum visit (Payable upon registration)

Our birth preparation classes help you to gain a deeper understanding of your anatomy, the physiology of birth and how to stay connected to your baby during the whole process.

  • Your partner’s role will be enhanced as they are taught cues, support techniques and a deep understanding of the stages of labour.

  • Different positions for labour and birth as well as relaxation techniques are taught.

  • Understand hospital policies and procedures, what to expect at a home birth, the pros and cons of medical intervention, what induction, c-sections, assisted deliveries and postpartum care look like.

This class also includes a full breastfeeding class as well as a postpartum visit (primarily focused on breastfeeding support).

This class is ideally taken between the 24th and the 30th week of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Education Only – You may choose to attend only the breastfeeding evening and skip the Saturday session – perfect for couples who want to learn more about breastfeeding in order to improve upon a previous experience. Also great as an adjunct to the Middlesex Health Unit prenatal classes. The fee for this is $95 (includes Tuesday night class and postpartum visit)