Perinatal support practitioner (doula) training program

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The Perinatal Support Practitioner Program is a full spectrum doula training program. 

Doulas have no governing body and through over 25 years of working with families and attending births, it has become very evident that training needs to be much more than a 2.5 day workshop. 

Our program is designed to equip you to be a childbirth educator, birth support worker (doula) as well as to be able to provide postpartum and breastfeeding support.

Along with a very deep focus on the psychology of birth and being born, we study perinatal psychology and the world of birth for the tiny human coming earth side. We honour the strength of the birthing parent and know that inherent power is something that needs to be honoured. We do not empower- we hold space for the power and  it is only through love that we can do this. 

The course runs for six months (and once a year in a 4 month compressed time frame format) and includes clinical hours working with women and their tiny humans. The course includes class days on weekends and if a student misses a class he/she will be caught up by the instructor. There are homework assignments, an essay and a final exam. Students are provided full mentorship in the program and when they graduate! There is always access to this mentorship for students and during the program students are paid for their births. 

With the program tuition students can attend any parenting classes taught by Carol during their studies or at any time upon acceptance into the program. 

The program has been attended by nurses, social workers, Mums, child and youth workers, massage therapists, kinesiologists, personal trainers, occupational therapists, brain rehab specialists, teachers and students from all walks of life. We welcome all applicants! 

Our classes are small with a maximum of 10 students. Each student will receive a certificate as a certified perinatal support practitioner at the end of their studies. Many of our students have started their own businesses (we will cover this in the course!) have been hired by other organizations, take their new skill set back to their vocations or train to later pursue a vocation as a perinatal support practitioner. 

Here's what former students are saying about the program:

The Perinatal Support Pracitioner Program with Carol Peat was developed with a birth worker’s individual strengths in mind. This course inspires not only professional growth but an improvement in all aspects of one’s life. This course was enlightening and provided a huge range of skillsets through in-depth discussion, case studies, hands-on training and supplemental literature. The people you connect with in the program become your tribe who’s support are limitless extend beyond borders of race, gender, and religion. I’ve found myself in this program and guarantee you will too.

When I contacted Carol about breastfeeding support training and a few other things she told me about her course and during one of the most pleasant and inspiring conversations I've ever head I made up my mind to give it a try. Once into the first day I knew it is where I was suppose to be. Carol started talking and instantly had this air about her that made you feel like you mattered and that you too could make a difference in someone's life and she was going to help you get there. I recently attended my first birth and could here her words in my head as things unfolded as well feel her calm energy that always  comes with her. From what the uterus is doing to what the babies doing everything is explained with such deep knowledge and compassion that it becomes apart of you.  Not only do you learn how to assist the mother,  father and medical professionals, you learn how to speak and connect with the tiny human from the very second they arrive. Nothing can compare to the depth of Carol Peat and her training. 


This training woke something so powerful and needed within me. I had attended a two day training the year before I took this course and by the end of the Perinatal Support Practitioner Training I realized how much I hadn't learned. My depth of knowledge with this course gave me so much confidence in births and I was actually hired by our local hospital to teach childbirth education classes because of the knowledge I gained. The hospital refers to me regularly for doula work and I have a thriving practice. I regularly attend 2-3 births a month now as opposed to the 2-4 a year I attended before the program. I discovered so much about myself, my biases, my beliefs and preconceived notions about everything. My thinking was challenged, my heart was opened and I fully understood the need for deep connection with our clients. I cannot stress enough how necessary this course is for a full understanding of what is needed in birth and parenting work. Thank you, Carol for helping me find myself and my purpose. 

"Carol provides seasoned wisdom and intuitive guidance for the whole family.  Her extensive knowledge of breastfeeding, birth, trauma, and family systems makes her a valuable teacher and support for every family.”

“I can’t say enough about the Perinatal Support Practitioner Program led by Carol Peat of Babies Naturally.

Being a parent and working with families in the birth world for over 20 years, I thought I knew a lot about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum care...and quickly learned that I knew very little.

Carol is a wealth of information and so very genuinely passionate about her work and the course she instructs. She provides an evidence based curriculum, resources and a safe space for her students to freely share their own personal experiences which deepens and enriches the course.

The support I’ve received from Carol and my fellow student doulas has been invaluable and I feel confident that the skills I’ve learned are crucial in my work to help my clients discover their own power and to navigate parenthood.

I’d highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to explore the exciting and valuable role as a doula.”

The Perinatal Practitioner program that Carol Peat runs with Babies Naturally changed my life!!  I was going through some big life changes and this course was my beginning to a new career path! The knowledge that Carol and her staff hold is astonishing! Throughout the entire class I was in awe!! The style in which Carol teaches is very comforting, especially being a woman who hasn’t been in school for a long time. I felt safe and welcome!  I learned a lot about myself as a parent as well! This course truly fed my soul! I would highly recommend this course to anyone, whether you are just starting out taking this path, or whether you are coming back full circle wanting to work in this field, Carol is welcoming to all!  I feel fully confident to help mothers and families postpartum as well as through their births after completing this course.