Kristi Waun

Our daughter was born January 2010 & our birth experience was exactly what we wanted. One of the most important aspects for us was to have a support during the birth. Enter Kristi who helped us achieve our goal – a totally natural birth – drug & intervention free. We were lucky enough to also meet Carol after the birth for breastfeeding support. As someone who has always believed birth was a natural process, I was totally surprised to find such little support in London when I was pregnant. Now Babies Naturally will help fill that void. Education & empathy are critical to positive birth outcomes. These ladies have it all. We feel very blessed to have met them & shared our birth story with them.



My name is Amy and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I have always believed that God has beautifully equipped the female body to develop and deliver babies naturally, and in most cases, without medical intervention. I had the pleasure of experiencing care from a very holistically-minded doctor when I walked through my first pregnancy. Being in Yellowknife, there was not access to perinatal specialists or midwives and my options were very limited. Although my first birthing and postnatal experience was mostly positive and one I look back on with fondness, I was very grateful when I was given the opportunity to walk through the pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period of my second daughter, with the care, support, and gentle education of Kristi Waun.

Despite the fact that miles separated us and that my little girl had a mind of her own and decided to stay in-utero 11 days past the expected date of arrival (long after Kristi had boarded the plane on her way back home), Kristi was available, attentive, sensitive and extremely knowledgable in every area surrounding child birth and postnatal care. I was completely at ease each time we spoke and as she educated me on how to prepare my body for a natural birth, or how to overcome nursing difficulties, she never once made me feel defensive or inadequate. She had a way of communicating in an affirming, caring manner and she also let me know she respected my decisions and trusted who I was as a mom. Having lost two babies myself, I am very excited and relieved to here the support that is being offered to moms through Babies Naturally “Mark the Moment” seminars. It’s such a comfort to hear from one who has walked the difficult road herself.

Having the support and care of a perinatal specialist is a comforting, empowering and extremely positive experience. I would highly recommend the services of any of the women on this team, without any reservation, because of their ability to focus a mom’s attention on the beauty and natural attributes of birthing a miracle.